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Amongst other things, waste generated by human activity has a high organic material content which, through its collection, processing and management, can be used to produce energy for on-site use or export to the national grid.

About Verambex

Power is the life-giving force of any community.

Generation is the means to make that force available to the community.

Energy is the driver that puts generation into action and provides the power to bring power generation projects to reality.

Renewable energy is a means to ensure that not only can power be brought to the community reducing our carbon footprint and our electricity bill, but it can also be done in a way that protects our environment for the future generations and provides the community with an element of sustainability.

Renewable energy is available in several forms. We consider that energy generated from biogas created as a natural process from the degradation of waste material, either in an organic landfill site or as a by-product of an industrial process, is one of the most effective forms because of the intimate interrelationship between society, the consequences of globalization and the advent of the mass-market consumer society.

Every person produces waste, much of this waste can be recycled directly. However, much of this waste cannot be recycled and, up until recent times, landfilling was the most effective mechanism of taking it out of the sight and mind of the community. Even though techniques of waste management have improved, landfill still remains one of the most commonly used mechanism to manage waste. In some cases, mainly because of mass communication techniques, the amount of waste is on the increase and, because of this, many landfills around the world are growing in dimension and complexity. Many more have never had any formal treatment and the waste has been left to accumulate with no consideration for the environment.

There are several reasons why landfill should be considered a priority in terms of treatment and encouragement for treating the effluent that is created as a by-product. Waste degradation produces a gas that is principally composed mainly of methane, a gas that is highly contaminating to the environment in terms of the effect it produces. Landfill gas is more than 21 times more effective as a greenhouse gas and contributes directly to global warming. It also contains hundreds of trace elements that can be corrosive, toxic and explosive in the correct proportions when mixed with air.

VERAMBEX has been created to bring together the expertise and experience of experts working in the field of renewable energy related with the production of power using landfill gas as its principal fuel source. Our company is composed of dedicated engineers and professionals whose main objective is to ensure the correct control of landfill gas management systems and ensure that an environmental problem is controlled, exploited and converted into a valuable resource.

Our dedication to detail means that we investigate and employ the appropriate technology for different situations, thus ensuring that power is generated cleanly, safely and with respect for environment. Our mission is to ensure that power generation plant using landfill gas are examples of first rate engineering powered by first rate employees all of whom are highly trained in environmental management of this type of power generation plant.

Our main objectives are to provide solutions for our clients and a safe and productive environment for our people.