Feasibility Studies

Theory and Design

Design and implementation of feasibility studies for using biogas as an alternative fuel.

Feasibility Studies

Estimation of gas resource on landfill sites

Landfill sites are a source of methane, a gas that has been shown to be one of the most potent gases in terms of its climate changing properties. Estimation of the size of the challenge is a task on which not only environmental control depends but also the definition of the budget required for minimising its impact and maximising the benefit obtained. The main objective is the conversion of a problem into a solution and achieving this involves a full definition of the engineering services and finance options required to achieve the optimum solution.

Estimation of the gas resource for anaerobic digestion plant

Amongst other things, waste generated by human activity has a high organic material content. Through its collection, processing and use in digesters, this material can be used to produce energy for on-site use or export to the national grid. Our approach in these cases is to undertake a feasibility study to define the resource and provide a solution for using anaerobic digestion techniques. Any feasibility study will also define options for finance of the project as well as options for long-term maintenance and operation of plant; this to ensure optimum production during long-term operation.

Critical for the implementation of a successful project

From the first theoretical assessment to the final engineering drawing and list of materials, a successful project is defined by the context in which it is developed. A feasibility study is the key to success.