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Expert technical assessment


The people who populate our company have over thirty years of experience. Our engineers have completed over 300 projects ranging from assessment reports on landfill gas control and power generation projects.

Expert technical assessment

LFG Testing

Ensuring that the resource is available for a long-term power generation project is of critical importance when deciding whether or not to invest in expensive equipment or simply control emissions.

Expert technical assessment


LFG extraction systems are often considered to be low maintenance. A landfill site is a living organism and, as such, is in constant movement; a feature that can result in catastrophic failure of components.

Expert technical assessment


The installation of landfill gas extraction systems requires careful management and supervision. We have been installing such systems forever, well, for at least 30 years. We have learned a thing or two.

Expert technical assessment

Turnkey Solutions

In today’s world, the importance of a well-executed engineering project can be the difference between success and failure. Verambex offers a complete turnkey approach to ensure project success.

Expert technical assessment

Finance Options

As part of our service, we can also offer our clients an effective mechanism with which to finance renewable energy or environmental projects. This provides an additional guarantee of our long-term commitment

An Effective Partnership

VERAMBEX has many years of experience, firstly as a contractor on the implementation of biogas control and utilisation projects and subsequently on the generation of power for export to the National Grid of onsite use. Consequently, our experts are able to assess the viability of many kinds of biogas to fuel projects, whether it is for environmental control, power generation for export or for on-site use as an alternative source of electricity of indeed as a vehicle fuel.

The Organics Group has been working in the field of renewable energy for more than thirty years. With over 300 projects successfully completed around the world, the Organics Group, together with Verambex, is the ideal partner to ensure that projects are designed in collaboration with the client, and managed with the care and dedication that only experience can bring.