Consultancy Services

Consultancy services for using biogas as an alternative fuel

The Challenge

Waste management is an active field of technical challenges that is constantly evolving. Amongst other things, waste generated by human activity has a high organic material content which, through its collection, processing and management, can be used to produce energy for on-site use, for export to the national grid, or for use as a fuel.

The Solution

The techniques for managing solid waste and wastewater have been evolving for many years. It is now possible to use waste not only for incineration but also for recycling into a variety of new resources. Emissions too can be collected and safely treated or employed as a source of renewable energy. Solutions are only as limited as your imagination.

Million t MSW a year

Million t/y dumped

Million t/y by 2050

Million t CO2 in 2016

Source: World Bank

Project Assessment

Design and Application

Working together with the client, all information is collated in a desk study, and a provisional design is presented for approval.

Testing and Field Trials

Under normal circumstances, a desk study will be supported by field trials and testing of material to ensure information is up to date.

Project Management

Any project must be carefully managed in terms of resources, including time. All aspects of a project must be considered and coordinated together with the client to ensure delivery on time and within budget.

Project Management

Programme and Documentation

Working closely with our clients, we construct a project schedule that takes into account delivery times for all components and considers the original budget to ensure compliance.

Project Management

The objective of the project has been established, the resources and funds have been assigned. Managing the day to day procedure, and ensuring transparent project management is essential to achieve milestones and goals.

Training and Education

A project can only be considered completed once the operators of the installed plant are fully conversant with the equipment that has been installed, including how long-term operation and maintenance.