Turnkey Services

Services to the Landfill Industry

Assessment and Design

Collection of all relevant data.

Project Planning

Establish timeline of milestones.

Fabrication and Delivery

Construction and commissioning.

Long-term Support

Operation and maintenance.

The Organics Group

The Organics Group has more than 30 years of experience in the fabrication and construction of projects related to the control and use of biogas and the amelioration of contamination. The company is dedicated to the development of new technology such as the recovery and reuse of ammonia from wastewater. Using technology that has been developed by the company, ammonia control and recovery is now a tried and tested technique for recovering ammonia for using as an advanced renewable fuel.

Completed Projects

Ammonia Recovery

Ammonia Recovery

from food waste AD

The project involves the treatment of wastewater that is used in the anaerobic digestion of food waste in a recycling park. 

Flaring of LFG Emissions

Flaring of LFG Emissions

from a landfill site

An essential adjunct of landfill management, this project involves control to ensure complete destruction of methane emissions.

Control of Methane

Control of Methane

and power generation

Using LFG, the gas is diverted from the landfill site and burned both in flare stacks and in spark-ignition engines for power generation.